Toast to Diversity & Call to Action

Toast to Diversity & Call to Action is an annual event that is a celebration of our diverse community of faculty, physicians, and trainees. Although we have a diverse community, there are few opportunities for those who identify as members of groups underrepresented in the medical profession to gather as a community with spouses and partners, to meet each other, to celebrate accomplishments, and to think about ways to increase diversity and strengthen this community’s impact — until now.

“Toast” is an informal and celebratory event where longstanding members of our community and new arrivals are able to interact. Guests are encouraged to volunteer in various opportunities to strengthen our School and Community including mentoring students, help identify candidates (students, residents, and faculty), serve as lecturers in the SOM curriculum, and to be involved in community engagement. Our goal is to increase diversity and inclusion in our School and make it a better place for everyone. Our seventh annual Toast to Diversity event has been postponed. Please see message from Vice Dean Thompson below.

Dear colleagues and students,

I'm very sad to have to let you know that we must postpone the Seventh Annual Toast to Diversity and Call to Action event that we had planned for September 11, 2020.  This event has been a very important celebration of our diverse community, but, out of concern for everyone’s health and safety, we really have no choice. The current restrictions on large gatherings conflict with the size of our usual attendance, and none of the available venues can come close to accommodating the group.  We considered outdoor settings, but sites in every park in the area have either been reserved already or are not open for large events at all. It's not clear that maintaining a 6 foot separation would quite meet the needs for connecting and networking, even if someone found a place.

We know this has been a popular, happy event -- we're in need of it and more of them these days--so we are looking forward to finding an alternate date, perhaps next spring, if the times allow. 

Please keep your eyes open for other, at least virtual, effects that we'll be planning.


Ann E. Thompson, MD, MCCM
Vice Dean
Professor, Critical Care Medicine
University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

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