Filtering Facts: The Critical Consumption of Mass Messaging

December 9, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

All are welcome to join us for this installment of our virtual town hall series – This Is Not "Normal": Allyship and Advocacy in the Age of COVID-19 – that focuses on the diverse and systemic facets of our lives and communities further impacted by COVID-19.

The proliferation of media outlets—print, broadcast, and digital—has provided access to vast sources of information—to the "news". This expansive growth in information output also means that traditional editorial processes may or may not be exercised in what we watch, read, and/or listen to daily. It is left to the individual to be a critical consumer of media—to access varying sources to locate and parse the truth. What is the meaning of critical media literacy and what is its importance in a hyperpolarized media environment? What is the impact of the mass consumption of misinformation/disinformation? How do we assess the veracity of the media we consume? Join our panel of experts to discuss these topics and more. Register here