From the Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Chenits Pettigrew Jr, EdDChenits Pettigrew, PhD

To Our Future Colleagues

In support of the mission of the School of Medicine, the Office of Diversity Programs contributes recruitment development, retention and graduation of underrepresented minority students by creating a welcoming student success oriented culture with a shared understanding of and a commitment to achieving, valuing, celebrating and sustaining diversity and inclusion. The PittMed culture is enabling and authentic. It is a culture where career success, satisfaction and retention are the intended outcomes. Our programs, initiatives, investments and individual actions are designed to maximize academic and professional performance, as well as to facilitate career success. Our intention is to continue to lead the way in all facets of diversity and inclusion. Our leadership will always be considered in the full light of our history, our current institutional accomplishments and our responsibility to the future. This durable and longstanding commitment will continue beyond this moment in time.

We feel that diversity and inclusion are measures of distinction and are integral to achieving institutional excellence. They are essential to the development of future physicians who become leaders in medicine. The practice of medicine is a convergence of clinical competence, quality care, passion for investigation, advocacy and a commitment diversity and inclusion. Our graduates will become teachers, investigators, mentors and leaders who will change medicine and change the world. 

Welcome to PittMed

Chenits Pettigrew, Jr. Ed.D
Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion